Sunday, May 6, 2018

Paige Patterson, Women as Teachers, Divorce, and Perspicuity of Scripture.

Paige Patterson has been at the center of controversy the last week or so surrounding his comments made, back in 2000, about his advice to women concerning abuse in marriage. Much ink has been spilt on these issues.[1] I ultimately disagree with Patterson’s wording and would not advise a women exactly as he did (I would probably refer them to my wife, a reasonable Christian counselor for more in depth conversation and/or advice, or the police). To be clear, I condemn any emotional, verbal, and/or physical abuse (of any kind or to any degree) and do not endorse it as that is what the Christian message (in its totality) ultimately means by reasonable submission. Moreover, maybe Patterson should step down (retire) as Ed Stezer has called for because of his string of gaffe’s and/or intentional statements that are at least highly questionable, if not outright wrong.[2] However, I will let the trustee’s decide that issue. Yet, I do have some things to say that have not really been addressed in this debate thus far, which are of moderate-heavy importance. Do SBC commentators hold that women cannot teach at all? Moreover, is the teaching on divorce “clear” as Patterson states in the Bible?